Our Returns Policy

Ordered the wrong thing?

If you've accidentally ordered the wrong thing, just let us know by email.

We'll email you an approval number and an address to send it to. We recommend you use either Australia Post Registered Mail, or a courier as we can only only process your credit/refund once we've received it. If your return parcel gets lost in the mail, you'll need some paperwork to chase your carrier. We also suggest you take out insurance with your carrier in case the goods are lost or damaged in transit, because you assume all risk until the goods arrive back to us in original condition.

Once we receive it back, and providing it's still in original condition, we'll process your credit/refund. Please note that we'll credit/refund the price of the item only, less a restocking fee. In most cases this will be as low as 10% but some of our suppliers charge more than this, in which case we'll deduct that cost from your refund and notify you of this before you return the item.

We can't refund the original freight component sorry.

In most cases, we might be able to arrange a pickup through our carriers, on your behalf. Let us know if you'd like us to try. In this case, we'll deduct the cost of the collection from your credit/refund.

Did we send you the wrong thing?

If we accidentally sent you something other than what you ordered, just let us know by email. We'll arrange to get it fixed up at our cost.

Timeframes & Approval Numbers?

Please don't send anything back to us without an Approval Number... we won't be able to credit/refund you.